Success Tips From IPCC Topper of November 2010 Exams


I thought I wouldn’t have to do this, but now I realize that it becomes my moral responsibility to share with all the CA-IPCC aspirants, all the books which I referred and all the teachers from whom I took classes.
First of all, let it make it very clear, I am a very normal student from a simple family and not any wonder kid, which I have been referred to a lot in the past few days.
The jokes surrounding the CAs don’t depict the reality. Selection of good teachers and books and regularity in studies is enough for scoring good marks.


* Paper – 1: ACCOUNTING - Coaching taken by Sonu Gupta Mam

This subject is perhaps the most scoring one and extremely simple, except for partnership which is a little bit difficult. Even the Accounting Standards are the elementary ones. This is generally the first paper, so make sure your preparation is good so that you can set a good tone right at the start.

Books: I referred Sonu Mam’s  book as well as Parveen Sir’s book. The combination was indeed amazing, had time, so I covered both the books and even if you refer any one of them, it will be more than sufficient.

* Paper – 2: LAW, ETHICS AND COMMUNICATION - Coaching taken by Munish Bhandari Sir. I will request all the students, especially those who live in Delhi, to take coaching of this subject from Munish Bhandari Sir. He is a master of law and now he has even come on satellite.
I don’t know about any other teacher, so, I can’t suggest any other name. Each part of this four-part subject is equally important.
Ethics and communication should be given their due weightage. Mind you, it is a theoretical subject, so make sure you focus on presentation as well as time management.Go for coaching from Sir as there is no articleship concerns as well, and the knowledge and command he has is absolutely second to none.

Books: Munish Bhandari Sir’s books are the best. Practical problems are given after provisions only.No other matter to be referred at all.

* Paper – 3: COSTING & FM - Coaching taken by Ashish Kalra Sir.
There was only one person who thought I could get a decent rank and it was Ashish Kalra Sir. He acted as a mentor to me and spent a lot time in addressing my issues. I look upto him as my elder brother and he is the one who deserves the most credit. The subject is the most bulky one, but mind you, it is, apart from accounts, the most scoring one. There are concepts in this subject which if you master, can make you score great marks.
BOOKS: The material provided by Sir is the most complete material. I guarantee there can never come a question which is not in his books.

* Paper – 4: TAXATION - Coaching taken by MK Gupta Sir
The subject is divided into two parts. So, I will talk about it in two parts.
# INCOME TAX: I was afraid of this subject when I studied it and during the exams as well. You have got to study a lot for 50 marks and even then there may come certain things, which we haven’t seen. So, be prepared for some surprises.
BOOKS: I referred MK Gupta Sir’s books and class notes. A very very good material with the best practical problems. The book has a lot to offer actually. And Sir’s teaching style made it even fruitful.

#SERVICE TAX & VAT: This is a big scoring area. Only a limited syllabus and 50 marks.I couldn’t attend Sir’s classes because of my college internals and had to do it on my own. There is a lot to talk about this area actually.
BOOKS: Since I couldn’t attend Sir’s classes, I asked my sister to help me out with this part, and she was in her CA Final then. I had my Sir’s notes and she referred me a book for IPCC by her CA Final Indirect tax teacher “DIPPAK GUPTA ”(commonly known as “DG”) and said, read it , you will feel like somebody is teaching you. And believe me, it indeed was like this.Students don’t give this area much importance because of lack of material but now it’s not a problem since after a thorough reading of DG Sir’s book, you won’t need anything else. Honestly,I haven’t seen a better material than this anywhere for any subject, which is so practical, so exam-oriented and so beautifully written. The book had it all actually.The legal provisons were supported by Sir’s personal opinion and practical illustrations
The logics and y’s of the provisions were explained along with the relevant notifications, diagrams, pictures and case laws.Specific services carry good weightage in the exams and I can bet, you can’t find better explanation and elaborate interpretation of the specific services any where else, than that given in DG Sir’s book.I haven’t been lucky enough to meet Sir or talk to him, but I became a fan of his writing style through his book. I hope I get a chance to study from him in Final.It contains past examination questions as well and it is available in the market for Rs.100 or so. And it’s worth is way more than its price.I will recommend all of you to go for his book inspite of the fact that you have the books of your teachers.I apologise to all my friends for not having referred to it earlier,but now since you know about it now, GO and PURCHASE it IMMEDIATELY.


* Paper – 5: ADVANCED ACCOUNTANCY - Coaching taken by Parveen Sharma Sir.
Another high scoring subject with a very limited syllabus and very interesting ASs.Personally, I didn’t do anything other than attending Parveen Sir’s classes. He is the God of accounts and delivering AIR-1 at IPCC and Final level has become his habit. Even though he teaches via satellite, but his teaching style and all his jokes more than cover for it. Accounts is incomplete without him. Plz don’t miss him at any cost.BOOKS: Only Parveen Sir’s material is more than enough. Well balanced and exam-oreinted.

* Paper – 6: AUDITING – Self-study.
I got myself registered for Surabhi Bansal Mam’s batch but it got cancelled and I had to do the subject on my own. Audit is highly interesting if you get hold over the SAs. At first, you may find them hard to digest because of their typical language, but once you read them twice or thrice, you will like reading them and understanding them. Reference to various SAs, sections of Companies Act and AS will help to improve the quality of your answers.Give this subject its due worth and don’t try to finish it in a hurry.

Books: A thorough study of Surabhi Mam’s book and a very very selective study of G.Shekhar’s book will be a great combination.G.Shekhar’s book is completely module-oriented, so just give it a reading to familiarize yourself with the entire syllabus and then go for Surabhi Mam’s book.Give Mam’s book a thorough reading time and again. The book is very well written and extremely exam-oriented, a great effort by Mam.

* Paper – 7: IT & SM – Took IT coaching but not satisfied. So wudn’t recommend the teacher. SM on my own.This subject is checked by those, who don’t themselves have proper knowledge of it.So, you need to cram various portions to score good marks. 

IT- Book by Dinesh Madan Sir, Student friendly and easy to cover and remember.

SM- Book by G.Shekhar. Book is module-oriented and you need this type of material to score good marks here.For case study, go through the suggested answers to see what the examiner’s requirements are.